Frequently asked questions

It can be intimidating to walk into a church for the first time. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so we've developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions with some answers we hope you'll find helpful. 

Does it matter what I wear to church? 

Wear what you feel is most comfortable. God cares about what is in your heart. 

Where do I park? 

As you come upon the church, you'll turn into a big parking lot from Brush Hill Road. The entrance to the church faces West. Parking spaces have been designated for visitors directly in front of the church doors. 

Should my children attend church with me, or does Brush Hill have a children's time during the service hour? 

Brush Hill Church provides nursery services for infants through children three years of age. The nursery is located directly to the left as you walk in the doors. Your child is welcome to sit with you during the church service or attend Children's Church which is available for children four years old through 6th grade. There are also quiet bags filled with fun activities that you can borrow for your child from the nursery.

What is involved in a Brush Hill Church service?

We praise and worship God through the singing of hymns, the voicing of prayer and the sharing of His Word through sermons and special music. We close every service by singing "The Family of God" and hold hands as a church family.

Will I be obligated to give money? 

We do not expect our guests to give the church money. We do pass an offering plate; making a contribution is always your choice. 

What if I want to join the church as a member?

We'd love to have you! Please find Pastor Kenny Butcher, Pastor Paul Tucker, a Session Member, or talk to any member of Brush Hill Church and we'll help you become an official part of our church family.