church history

We know that when most people hear the words "Cumberland Presbyterian Church" they are usually hearing them for the first time. So before we get into the details of our church history, we believe it is important to tell the story of our denomination. The Cumberland Presbyterian Church had its beginning as a frontier movement. It was born out of the Great Revival of 1800 in Kentucky and Tennessee. Its "middle" theology is what has become known as a "whosoever will may come" gospel. Three Presbyterian ministers -- Finis Ewing, Samuel King and Samuel McAdoo -- organized a new presbytery called Cumberland Presbytery, and after a night of praying, on February 4, 1810, near Dickson, Tennessee, a new denomination was born. This is the history from which our local congregation was born. Brush Hill Church was first organized on May 5, 1872 in the Edgefield section of East Nashville.

The Brush Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church has been serving God and community at its present location since 1963 when it was relocated from Edgefield to the Inglewood area of East Nashville. It was a difficult decision for the church to move from its storied location, but the burden God placed on the hearts of the church leaders far outweighed any reservations.      


Today the Brush Hill Church “family” is involved in many ministries in the community. We are still actively reaching out to the immediate area; we still have the same God-given burden that our leaders had years ago to faithfully serve the people of Inglewood. We pray that the work of our hands continues to be blessed by God as we strive to build people up within our doors so they might go forth and have an impact for Christ outside them. We invite you to be an integral part of the continuing history of the Brush Hill Church. Join us in our mission to become disciples who desire to worship, hunger to learn, and have a passion to serve!