Rev. Paul Tucker - December 19, 2021

Great Joy

A foreign dictator forces a pregnant teen to travel miles on foot to a city with no place to stay so she must give birth in a barn. It is this birth that is announced as news of “great joy”. In the midst of pandemics, violence, economic uncertainty, and more, how can we receive the news of Jesus with great joy in our time? What is the root of joy and how might God want to help us live lives of Great Joy.

Scripture References: Luke 1:1-20

From Series: "The Gospel of Luke"

The life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth continue to be, to this day, some of the most popular, controversial, beloved, hated, and provocative words ever recorded. Whether the story is one you are new to or have heard many times before there is always something more to discover and wrestle with. This sermon series goes through the life and teachings of Jesus as told by Luke in order to discover the rich life and wisdom Jesus offers us today.

Sermon Notes

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