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Rev. Paul Tucker - March 24, 2024

A People of Self-Denial in an Age of Self-Fulfillment

We live in a time where we are encouraged to discover and become the very best versions of ourselves, all while documenting ourselves living our best lives on social media. This encouragement that our lives should only be moving in one direction, towards more health, wellness, accomplishments, money, and success, makes Jesus's own proclamation that his life and love will be marked by suffering, pain, and defeat sound silly at best and downright foolishness at worst. Who would want that sort of life? Yet he also calls on those who would follow him to model his example. How can we become people of self-denial in a world that encourages self-fulfillment? 

Scripture References: Matthew 16:21-23, Matthew 26:36-46

From Series: "Zeitgeist"

Noah was called “a righteous man, blameless in his generation” and in Acts 2 Peter urges those he is preaching to “to save themselves from this corrupt generation”. In a one sense this idea of those living faithful, committed lives is true for all people in all generations. There has always been and there always will be this remnant of the faithful in all generations. In another sense, each generation must, in the words of Jesus (Luke 12:54-56) “interpret the present time” in order to rise to the challenge of today. What are those challenges to faithful discipleship in today's "zeitgeist" or "spirit of the age", and what type of people is God calling us to become today?

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